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Airport Basel

Basel Airport serves the city of Basel which is 7 km from the airport. It is also connected to Mulhouse located 22 km away, and the historic town of Freiburg found 70 km across the German border. It is because of this that the airport referred to as Basel Airport is also known as Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport or Euro Airport. The airport sits on French soil, but Switzerland and France jointly manage it. You officially cross the border between the two countries when moving from one terminal to another.

The Swiss have their parking spot and transport system that goes directly to Switzerland without using the French roads, and the French have the same.

Terminal Transfer

Upon arrival, passengers go through a security check located on both the French and Swiss side. Passengers have an option of going through the Swiss or the French checkpoints. The arrival section is on the ground floor, and the departure is on the first floor. Terminal 3 and 4 are designated for the landing and taking off of all airplanes.

Basel Transport Connection

Basel Airport has a relatively good public transport system. You can visit the airport any time of the day as the transportation system of Basel operates round the clock.

Travelers can get to the airport by bus, taxis, and train. There is a fixed schedule for buses, and they only leave the station at designated time within a time range of about 20 minutes. On the other hand, taxis are available any time of the day, and they take less than 30 minutes from the airport to the city. The charges depend on the distance covered.

Travelers can access the Basel train from an underground terminal. The train is also under a strict travel program. It leaves the airport after every hour. This way the traveler can plan their trip schedule ahead of time.

Ticket Bookings

The Basel airport has an option of booking tickets at the office or online. Online tickets are bought from the airport official website whereby a passenger places a reservation, and an identification number is given that will be used to process payment online or physically at the offices.Travelers who use the online method are given the e-ticket, whereas a paper ticket is provided at the airport if a passenger decides to book manually. Booking online is a preferred method as you will know in advance if there is space on the desired flight.

On popular destination that you will want to check, for example, is Dubai. The flights from Basel to Dubai are almost always booked and buying or reserving your ticket online will guarantee you a seat on the plane. The distance from Dubai International to Basel is approximately 4,857 km. It takes about 9 hours to cover this distance by flight.

Experience Basel

Basel is a very popular destination for business and holiday tourists from around the world. Passengers arriving on a flight to Basel can enjoy a relaxing experience at the airport hotel. The hotel features entertainment and culinary delights that will make your stay worth the while.

The airport hotel mirrors the city of Basel. It has taken full advantage of the laid back environment of Basel to create a dynamic and warm atmosphere. The airport hotel has a casino as well that offers thrilling gambling experiences amidst the extraordinary ambiance. What better way to improve an already great experience but to win some money while you’re at it?

The hotel is the perfect complement to the airport and it is easily accessible from the nearby city. We hope you enjoy your stay.