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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

If you were to refer to the Amsterdam Schiphol as the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, it would still be in order because the latter is the official name. This airport is of particular importance to the European region because its operations link together other reputable European airports. Besides that, it is also home to world famous airlines like Amsterdam Airlines, Arkefly, KLM, Transavia, and Martinair that have scheduled flights in the intercontinental airspaces. The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol got its name from a fortification that was known as Fort Schiphol which stood at the exact location of the airport today. There was a lake that stood around the fort but due to the violent storms, some so powerful that ships capsized, reclaiming the land was inevitable. The word Schiphol in English translates to ship grave as a reference to the number of ships that were lost in the lake.

Operations at the Airport

The first airport activity in the Amsterdam Schiphol airport dates back to 1916, but by then, it was purely used by the military. While it started on a small scale, it is today a large establishment that comprises of a single large terminal and facilities all housed under one roof. The airport terminal is planned for expansion, but it is currently split into three sections which serve as separate departure halls.

For a long time, the Amsterdam Schiphol airport has been synonymous for one terminal, but plans are underway to add new terminals. This move once completed will raise the status of the airport to the level of others like the John F Kennedy International airport in the United States. Both the John Kennedy International and Amsterdam Schiphol airport boast annual passenger traffic of close to 50 million. The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport ranks highly regarding traffic and is currently at number 6 worldwide.

Cost of Travel from the Airport

As in any other industry where the demand and supply of goods and services dictate prices, it has emerged that traveling into Europe through Amsterdam is the cheapest alternative for passengers. This is due to the presence of over 100 travel airlines that operate from the Amsterdam Schiphol airport. One of the efforts at decongesting the airport is charging high landing fees; some low-budget carriers have moved, but others still use the facility. These are the reasons why the airport has been earmarked for expansion soon.

Airport Facilities

The movement to and from an airport facility is a primary concern for travellers, and in the Amsterdam Schiphol airport, that movement is facilitated by a railway and road system. The railway and tunnel which passes beneath the airport terminal aids movement between the airport and cities of Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, and The Hague. Buses are readily available from the outside of the main terminal building, and here passengers can head to any location in the Netherlands. There are a lot of shopping possiblites on the airport. And if you get bored there is always a change to play mobile casino on the phone. Why not play some casino games while waiting for the luggage to arrive. 

Netherlands is home to many international organizations and the Amsterdam Schiphol airport operating with speed and convenience for its passengers is a world capital in itself.